To completely understand the physiological requirements of the sport of participation, we ask the athlete to provide us with game film of him/herself playing their sport.  We use this game film to undertake a detailed and exhaustive BoM analysis. This involves, timing, typecasting, describing and categorizing each specific bout of movement a player goes through in the playing of a sport for an entire game. For example, a two-step linear burst is a different BoM than the one that begins on the third step and that veers slightly sideways. This slightly altered step can put the body in a different angular position and causes a different inter-relation of body parts. This analysis is indeed very tedious (a point guard in basketball can display 5,000 different BoM in a half of basketball!), however to truly understand all the physiological elements of the sport and prepare the training program to address these elements, this is a vital and necessary step in the process.  We also ask the athlete to provide game film of the sport (one tape of the best player in the world in the position that the athlete plays, and one tape of the best athlete in the trainee’s age-group). If the athlete is unable to provide, we locate such film ourselves. We do this to try to use the “best of the best” at the position you play as a bench mark toward which to drive your training.

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