California Sports Institute is privileged to host multiple elite hockey players and put them through unique, personally tailored, off-ice training this summer. These players – many of them preparing for their final year of Major Junior hockey before entering the 2018 or 2019 NHL draft – are sent to us by the Maloney-Thompson NHL Hockey agency to be individually analyzed by our Director of Science and Sports Performance, Chris Munford, who then creates specialized programs for them based on their personal biomechanical tendencies/deficiencies and based on their Rate of Force Development signatures.

These individual programs are different from your average, everyday training because of the way they are geared towards each player in his own way. Players are not all put through the same generic routine of things like squats, bench press, and sprints. They are given specific training that helps fix issues in their biomechanics that can cause injuries in the future, as well as positional specific training so they can excel to their peak ability in the exact aspects of the game that are advantageous to them.

The athletes have noticed a difference in the type of training they have been receiving at CSI. Anderson MacDonald, an 18 year old forward for the Sherbrooke Phoenix and a potential top-5 pick in next year’s NHL draft who is spending the summer living and training in Carlsbad, said: “It’s a different type of training, you’re not used to it, you’ve probably never done it before, then you come here and [Chris] puts you through everything and you’re just like, wow.”

In addition to the unique training they receive at CSI, our location in Carlsbad, California has been something that is attractive to these athletes, who are predominantly from Canada. As coach Munford noted, “They can come to an always sunny place with little distractions from the burning glare of the hockey world, and train at our high-performance facility and outside on fields and never have to worry about the weather. They love taking advantage of taking training breaks on the beach and enjoying sunny Carlsbad.”

CSI will continue to host NHL prospects throughout the rest of the summer and up to the start of the Major Junior league’s seasons in September.

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