Elite Athletes

Whether you are coming off an all-pro season, trying to fight your way back from injury, or looking to extend your playing/earning career we can help you in your off-season training. CSI is the North American leader in advanced sports-science athlete training; we consult for the performance/rehab arms of NFL and NBA teams; we work with MLB TJ-surgery rehabbing players; we do the off-ice performance training for NHL hockey agencies; we train Olympic athletes prepping for Rio ’16; and we have a world-wide network of leading exercise physiologists, biomechanists and sports psychologists on speed-dial through our science research and collaborations… the California Sports Institute can help you, to be the you, that you KNOW you can be.

Please take a look at our science-driven 8-step method and then give us a call!

Young Athletes

Are you trying to make the starting team this year? Do you have hopes of playing ‘college ball’, maybe garnering a scholarship? CSI can help you maximize the promise that you already show! We treat you with the absolute same level of care and training as we do with all of our elite professional athletes. We only use an honest, peer-reviewed science methodology in training you and making the training specific to you – just as we do with the pros. In fact, as you’ll see if you click here, ___the process is the exact one our pro athletes go through as well!! … the California Sports Institute can help you, to be the you that you dream you can be.

Please take a look at our science-driven 8-step method and then give us a call!

One-on-One Personalized Combine Training

Got what it takes? You already know you do and now you need to get ready for the biggest job interview of your life. Right now, at this point of your life, it is all about you – it has to be! So why on earth would you train like another 10 guys? Why on earth would you train in a way that everybody will get a bit better but no one guy will be the absolute best he can be…where you won’t be the absolute best you can be!…and science even tells us so!

Regardless of the position you play, science tells us that no two athletes are genetically identical. Even if two athletes play the same position you will have different neurological issues, different biomechanical make-ups, differing abilities to develop force etc. and therefore necessarily must train differently. CSI, using a real sports-science methodological approach strictly trains you in a one-on-one fashion; You are unique, you must be trained uniquely and with our full attention at all times in order to truly have the ability to own the combine, to dominate your showcase!…because right now, it is all about you!

  • We utilize our science-driven 8-step method to help create your and only your personalized combine/showcase maximized performance program.
  • We provide you with positional chalk-talk learning.
  • We provide you with media and interview skills training.
  • We structure your day so your time is best maximized.
  • We provide down-time activities.
  • We provide potential marketing opportunities