Corporate Athlete Training


Are you required to be “on”, 24-7? Does your executive duties require that you be energetic, productive, creative, healthy, a leader? You may not do it on TV but you are out in front of people and you are, in fact, a professional Corporate Athlete! The professional sports athlete may be able to move faster, more efficiently and with a bit more range of motion but the science of kinesiology tells us that his/her body does not actually work any differently than yours!

At CSI we take you, the Corporate Athlete and utilizing the exact same science-driven 10-step process we use with our pro sports athletes, train you for performance that is relative to your needs. And the most important science-driven principle we use, is that all our training is athlete specific. No two athletes, whether Corporate or Sports, are biomechanically, physiologically, psychologically, or in fact genetically identical, therefore no two athletes should ever be trained the same! Each CSI athlete is exhaustively analyzed and out of this in-depth, real-science driven analysis, comes the training regimen specific only to YOU!  We train you, the Corporate Athlete, one-on-one because science tells that we must!